Sunday, April 1, 2007

Higher Learning

Sorry for my headline, I know very NY Post like. So what's the reason these teachers are going to be reassigned. It's not like they were in front of the school doing it. Regardless of what school they are assigned to people are going to know about this and talk about it. Why not just let them keep their old jobs and not publish their names.
Newsday: Teachers busted for pot
April 2, 2007
Three city high school teachers -- including one from Long Island -- were arrested for smoking marijunana outside a rock and roll concert, police said.The teachers, all from Urban Assembly Media High School in Manhattan, were spotted by a patrol officer outside the Beacon Theatre on the Upper West Side sharing a marijuana cigarette, officials said.They were identified by police as Alan Blaustein, 42, of East Moriches; and Lauriann Kress, 23, and Jerome Zolobkowski, 31, both of Manhattan.Each was charged with one count of fifth-degree criminal possession of marijuana and given a desk appearance ticket, police said.Dina Paul Parks, a spokeswoman for the city department of education, said the teachers would be reassigned to other schools pending the outcome of an investigation into the charges.
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NYC Educator said...

That seems extraordinarily gratuitous and sleazy to me as well. In the past, they might have been condemned for simply having attended a rock and roll concert.

Jose said...


hahaha, and so the existential question is posed for teachers: would you lose your job just to have a pull? a blow? maybe the whole blunt? That's a though ...


Brandini said...

Good memories. I was one of the students of one of those teachers and the current student of another.

Anonymous said...

Hi GymJim, I'd like to ask you to remove the names of the three teachers in this post. Since this happened several years ago, each of those three teachers has moved on, and leaving the names on this post can complicate things both personally and professionally.


Anonymous said...

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You have got to see this. Obama playing on XBox. Funniest video ever.

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