Saturday, March 3, 2007

Education a la Tony Soprano

I Found this article online. At least the parents care, right? Just kidding, what dumbasses. He was probably beaten more for the cell phone ban than the grades. Cell phones are a pain in the ass in schools.

Italian parents beat up principal over grades
Dad, grandfather of student rough up educator; mobile phone ban also cited.

BARI, Italy - An irate Italian family beat up a principal because they were unhappy with the grades a young relative had received and a ban on mobile phones at school.
Three male relatives, including the father and grandfather of the student, punched and pushed principal Ugo Castorina at the Lombardi middle school in Bari on Saturday, police said.
They were angered by grades on the latest report card and by a recent ban by Castorina on mobile phones at the school he has run for the past 22 years.

Castorina was taken to hospital and treated for mild contusions. Police escorted him back to the school.“Some people may not like it but standards must be set and rules must be respected if a school is to function,” Castorina told reporters.

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